Lake Martin

Our Lake Martin Neighborhoods:

  • Miners Cove

HOA Alabama

and the Lake Martin Community

HOA Alabama is proud to serve Lake Martin residents with HOA management services and continues to be the leading HOA management company on Lake Martin.  Once a sleepy lake community with small cabins and miles of undeveloped lakefront, Lake Martin is now the premier spot in Alabama for beautiful lakefront living.  New homes in new communities, a strong sense of community among residents, and the draw of beautiful Lake Martin have made Lake Martin home to many new residents and to many covenant enforced, homeowners’ association led communities.  Homeowners’ Associations provide many benefits to residents on Lake Martin.  They serve as an overall governing body to collect dues and provide for the maintenance of the common areas and amenities the residents share.  They help plan and keep residents informed of community-sponsored events to help build a stronger sense of community in the neighborhood.  They also maintain the overall appearance of the neighborhood through enforcing the covenants that govern the use of the property with the neighborhood. 

HOA Alabama provides full-service homeowners’ association management to residents on Lake Martin, with property managers regularly on site to assist with HOA needs.  We work with HOA boards to keep them informed of neighborhood business, but we also reduce the stress associated with serving on an HOA board by professionally managing the day-to-day operations of the community on behalf of the board. 

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